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The people of Iran live in a beautiful land with a long, illustrious past. Here, great and ancient civilizations thrived and have played a large part in world history. Many events in the Bible, the Enjil, happened here, and some of the first believers came from this land of Elam. Today Iran is very much the focus of world attention, but an important part of what is happening in Iran is not being told.

It has become evident the people of Iran want freedom to live and think as they feel entitled. Many are re-evaluating what they believe and are searching for answers to many of life’s important questions. Many are interested in spiritual things and the true meaning of life.

With this hunger has come openness for new thinking. People are desperate for a better way of life. God is preparing the nation of Iran for great things. He is working as never before. Many are now finding Him through satellite and other electronic media, by the example of faithful followers of Isa (Jesus), through personal outreach, through visions, and by reading the Bible and other related writings.

In spite of the significant difficulties associated with being a believer in Iran today, many Muslims are becoming followers of Jesus. It is a wonder so many are making the decision to follow Jesus Christ, Isa Masih. New believers know trouble and hardship will follow when a person of the Muslim faith makes this decision, so they have considered the cost.

All these hopeful developments are at the heart of the largely untold and important story of what is happening in Iran today. For those who are genuinely interested, the creation of this web-site seeks to help fill in this gap. Here, one can get a glimpse of the many powerful and creative ways God is working to bring people to himself and giving them lasting hope. It is our desire that these accounts and these life’s stories will impact the lives of those viewing the testimonies of deliverance and newfound life. The subtitled videos share the story of only a few of the many people of Iran whose lives are being radically changed.  


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